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Choose the Right Cleaning Partner

Choosing the right cleaning partner means your facility will maintain safety for employees and customers. At Bare Metal Standard Valley of the Sun, we guarantee our kitchen exhaust cleaning will pass any inspection. We care. We know our job is important and that’s why our founders spent decades perfecting commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning to ensure we clean your entire system.

Here are 5 critical questions to ask your commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning company. If your current vendor can’t say yes to each question below, it’s time to move on. We are committed to excellence and a lack of agreement for any of the statements below will put your facility at risk for a fire. At Bare Metal Standard of Valley of the Sun, we choose to set our standards as the highest in the industry to guarantee safety.

  1. Do you provide a free onsite inspection and estimate?
  2. If you find damage to my system, will your estimate include demonstrative evidence such as video or photos to provide confirmation?
  3. Is a cleaning schedule suggested to keep my kitchen safe year-round?
  4. Do your cleaning schedules follow the National Fire Protection Association, Code 96 guidelines?
  5. Do your services guarantee that you will not hang “inaccessible tags” on any portion of the ductwork? Will you also guarantee that my entire kitchen exhaust system is clean from stove to rooftop?

All commercial kitchens are required to be on a ventilation cleaning schedule as directed by the National Fire Protection Association. The type of structure and food prepared will determine the frequency. If a kitchen exhaust cleaning is not done routinely, then flammable grease and residue will build over time creating a dangerous environment that can lead to a fire. For this reason, all commercial exhaust systems are required to have a cleaning schedule to prevent fires.

Below is a recommended cleaning schedule according to volume and type of cooking.

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