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At Bare Metal Standard Valley of The Sun, we provide service at the highest level. Our proprietary process took 50 years to develop, and reflects our dedication to provide outstanding service. Bare Metal Standard isn’t just our name, it’s the principal we operate under for each and every job. We guarantee 100% of your commercial kitchen exhaust system will be cleaned. We also never hang inaccessible tags in your system and therefore we clean everything. The result is your entire commercial kitchen exhaust will exceed safety standards.

Our Process

Our proprietary process was created over a period of 50 years and is a reflection of the standard we hold ourselves to. Knowledge alone isn’t enough to clean 100% of a kitchen exhaust system. All Bare Metal Standard locations across the country receive rigorous training and a proprietary system to ensure standards are being met.  Our technicians are trained to clean any commercial kitchen exhaust system. We care about our community and know our work is critical for the safety of commercial kitchens in Phoenix and all across Arizona.

We provide full service kitchen ventilation system cleaning as well as cleaning to these areas too:

  • Filters
  • Concrete surfaces are pressure washed
  • General equipment
  • Coils
  • Cooling towers
  • Hinge-kit access door installation

When you schedule work with Bare Metal Standard Valley of the Sun, rest assured that our technicians are educated on fire regulation codes and are experts in our proprietary kitchen exhaust cleaning methods. We also know that customer service is important, which is why our crew will always arrive at your facility on time in a branded vehicle and uniform. We’ll also never leave a mess after we’re done. No matter the conditions of your system, we always leave the area clean and presentable, so you never have to clean after us.

Scheduling and Maintenance

While inspecting your kitchen exhaust system to provide you with a custom bid, we also recommend a cleaning schedule and remind you when it’s time for a cleaning. Maintaining your system is critical for the safety of your employees and customers, not to mention staying in business. Ongoing scheduled cleaning will not only keep your system safe, but it will also be more economical in the long run.

At Bare Metal Standard Valley of the Sun, we take the cleanliness of your kitchen exhaust system seriously to be sure you never fail an inspection again and remain compliant. We clean many types of facilities such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, cafeterias and many more.

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